• Evan Dintaman

Fishing Report: Largemouth Bass

Water Type: Pond/Lake

Fish Species: Largemouth Bass

Date: 7/25/2019

Time Fished: 6:30-8:30pm

Weather: Sunny, 85 degrees

Water Conditions: Slightly Stained and High, 80 degrees

Equipment: 8'-6" 5wt rod, 7' leader with 1x tippet.

Flies: Topwater flies (Gurglers)

I headed out to my local pond around 6:30pm and packed very light. I brought my 5wt rod, a couple of gurglers, my forceps and nippers, and my new Nikon camera.

When I arrived, the sun was still peaking through the trees and I opted to begin working shadow lines and weed beds, eliciting only a few strikes. This is fairly typical following a hot afternoon, as the bass stay hidden and don't actively patrol the shallows before sunset. I brought a few small bass to hand and then took the opportunity to play around with my new Nikon, capturing some shots of the pond and the aquatic flowers growing from its depths.

As the sun dipped below the tree line, the bass turned on. I began to find active fish cruising the banks with reckless abandon and a general disregard for their safety, or the safety of their fellow pond inhabitants.

I continued to get hits until darkness fell across the pond and I called it a day. As I left, I turned and captured one final shot, allowing my camera to capture any light left in the sky.

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