• Frank Young

Fishing Report: Maryland (July 10, 2019)

Water Type: Wild Trout Stream

Fish Species: Brown trout

Date: 7/10/2019

Time Fished: 4:30-7:30pm

Weather: Sunny 85-90 degrees

Water Conditions: High/Clear and 56-58 degrees

Equipment: 7.5' 4wt with floating line and a 9' 3x leader

Flies: Small streamers (#8-10)

I got to the parking area around 4:30pm and decided to fish my way downstream with streamers for a couple hours and then walk back up and hopefully find some rising fish. Like many streams in the region, the flows were high for this time of year. However, thanks to the a continuous supply of cold, oxygenated water, the stream was clear and fishable.

It didn't take long to move a couple of small brown trout; they flashed at the streamer, bumping it without any solid takes. After missing a few more small browns, I downsized to the smaller version of the same streamer. In the next run, I caught my first fish of the day, pictured below.

In the next run downstream, I caught another small brown trout and missed two more hits. While I was still missing some fish, switching to the smaller streamer proved to be a good idea and I started converting more of the hits into hook ups.

On this particular day, I didn't land anything big, but had good action, moving fish in many of the likely areas as I worked downstream. Any woody debris was worth targeting, even in shallow water. I had a few fish come from a logs like the one pictured below. It is always worth taking a few casts above and below spots like this.

The contrast between the hot air and cold water created clouds of fog during the evening. I began working my way back upstream looking for rising fish in the slack water along the banks. I had seen a few rises while fishing downstream, but never found anything consistent. I thought maybe with the sun dropping something might turn on.

I never did find any consistently rising fish on my way upstream. Maybe if I had stayed until it was getting dark I would have found more success. As it was, I had caught a few more fish on streamers and was content to call it a another successful summer night on the water.

I fished a few variations of streamers during my outing, but the fly pictured below proved to be the most successful, accounting for most of my fish.

Most of the fish I caught were in this size range. Not big, but still fun.

Wildflowers along the banks. I believe this is a variety of Meadowsweet.

A nice sunset closes out a successful evening of fishing.

- Frank - @avidangler

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