Fishing Gear We Use
As passionate fisherman, we strongly believe that the gear we use is a crucial component to a successful day on the water.  All of the fishing gear listed below, including any gear mentioned in our blog posts, are products we actively use on the water. We believe these products are high quality and, often times, much research has gone into their purchase.  Please find links below to many of our favorite fishing products!
Fly Rods
Affordable Fly Rods:
Orvis Clearwater
St. Croix Imperial
Fenwick Aetos
Mid-Priced Fly Rods:
Orvis Recon
Premium Fly Rods:
Sage X
Surf and Spin Rods/Reels
Surf Rods:
Tica Dolphin (8ft Surf, 9ft Surf)
St. Croix Triumph Surf (9ft Surf)
Surf Reels:
Penn Battle II (3000, 4000, 5000)
Penn Spinfisher V (4500)
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